Could Instagram And Other Sites Avoid Going Down With Amazon’s Ship?


When we heard about Instagram (and other sites) going down when Amazon Web Services’ North Virginia hub was hit by a storm — not the first time AWS has gone down (April 2011 was another notable outage) we couldn’t help but wonder: could  it have been avoided?

Mike Krieger, one of the founders of Instagram, once presented a great slideshow describing how Instagram was able to scale up so well. “The cleanest solution with the fewest moving parts as possible,” has been one of the guiding principles for the photo-sharing app, bought by Facebook in a billion-dollar deal earlier this year. Could that too-simple architecture have played a role here?

We’ve reached out to Twitterverse and beyond to get some thoughts on that.

Disclaimer: Without knowing the exact ins and outs of Instagram’s architecture, it’s hard to say why Instagram and other services, like TechCrunch’s database…

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