8bitfuture: Google Glass patent reveals more details on control…


Google Glass patent reveals more details on control system.

While the world has been getting more and more looks at Google Glass recently, not much has been revealed about the control system, with only very few people outside of Google even allowed to try on the glasses. Now a new patent has shown some possible features of the system.

According to the patent, artificially intelligent software could maintain “self-awareness” of the environment, adjusting control methods and the type of user interface according to a situation. In the method pictured above, a nine button touchpad is shown in the side of the glasses, but if a user were to put on gloves for example, the system would realise they would be unable to use the touchpad and use something else like voice control. That could also include having a second camera monitoring the touchpad, allowing for control by just hovering a finger near it and lighting up a display to show which button was ‘pressed’.

Likewise when the system hears a name in its database it could bring up information on that person. When it detects it’s in a car it could bring up a navigation screen.

The patent also describes how future versions of the system could ditch the LCD display all together and use a low-powered laser to draw images directly onto a user’s retina.

Another idea includes a rear mounted camera for “eyes in the back of your head”.

via Tumblr http://socialcloudtech.tumblr.com/post/27365401934

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