sthorntonca: “Make work easier with business apps from the…


“Make work easier with business apps from the Salesforce AppExchange.” ~ Introducing’s first business app commercial.

A business app commercial for’s AppExchange – the online marketplace for cloud computing applications that integrate with and extend Salesforce CRM.  

At first glance, I’d say the commercial is more Apple-esque than Apple’s own recent “Genius” spots.  While this ad serves as a great introduction to the Salesforce-ified version of the App Store, it stops short of showcasing the power of individual apps the way Apple has done with old ads for apps like Shazam or their own FaceTime, iCloud, etc.

What Salesforce’s AppExchange commercial does very well is capture the sense of the mobile and social workforce, and the diversity in workspaces, functions, and roles we all play… and more importantly how they can all be supported in different ways through Salesforce and the app ecosystem in the AppExchange.  

A great first foray into commercials for the AppExchange, IMO.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress in messaging and style in future ads, hoping to see more specific use-cases demo’d, to help solidify how various apps can have game-changing potential to end-users and the the end-user experience.  


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