Ruby External CRON manager for Salesforce on Heroku


In todays post we’ll have look at task scheduling using Heroku and the famous Resque gem. I have presented it at last London Skillsmatter Salesforce Dev Meetup. Watch the video: Delayed tasks on Salesforce have some well known weaknesses. For example: “Use extreme care if you are planning to schedule a class from a trigger. You must be able to guarantee that the trigger will not add more scheduled classes than the 25 that are allowed”. With the help of Heroku, most of your background tasks might be externalized and delegated to a dedicated app on Heroku. To build that solution we’ll be using 4 different gems. The objective is to create a simple web app that is able to create, handle and monitor tasks build by registered users. To be really functional, that web app should be reachable through an API (coming in a future post).

  1. Sinatra to build a basic web app
  2. Databasedotcom: to get the secure connection to Salesforce API
  3. Omniauth to get the authorization token from your ORG
  4. Resque to handle Job Queues and monitor them

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#salesforce #heroku #rails #sinatra

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