Large Data Volumes && #salesforce #multitenant #forcedotcom

Tquila Team

A few weeks back I shared a whitepaper that gives the high-level details of the architecture underlying the platform. For those looking to learn more about the database underpinning the platform you can find even more information in another whitepaper titled “Best Practices for Deployments with Large Data Volumes” [PDF, 629KB]. As someone who does a fair amount of writing I can confidently say this is one of the best whitepapers I’ve ever read. The content is great but the format is what makes it.

The primary purpose of the document is to give architects the options and approaches when dealing with orgs that have, or will have – you guessed it – large amounts of data. As a byproduct though it ends up revealing information about the virtual database shared by all tenants. has literally built a database within a database (databasception?!) with…

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