Pinterest, Flipboard and Yelp tell how to save big bucks in the cloud

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Amazon Web Services (s amzn) can be a great platform for startups when they’re small, but costs can outpace revenue growth pretty quick — especially if you’re offering a a free consumer service. At AWS’s Re: Invent user conference last week, engineers from Pinterest, Flipboard and Yelp (s yelp) shared their impressive and sometimes ingenious techniques for keeping costs under control and their bottom lines healthy.

Pinterest Operations Engineer Ryan Park had the stage to himself for a session on Wednesday, while Flipboard Chief Architect Greg Scallan and Yelp Engineering Manager Jim Blomo teamed up with Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers Partner Ray Bradford to form a trifecta of wisdom on Thursday.

Know — and measure — your costs

Flipboard’s Scallan had a paradoxical lesson for the audience when it comes to managing cloud-based infrastructure: Embrace the cloud, but be afraid of the cloud. Yes, it’s flexible and affordable if done right, but all it…

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