The Philosophy Behind Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Strategy

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On stage at AWS re:Invent last week, CTO Werner Vogels discussed Amazon Web Services’ cloud philosophy, increasingly driven by a belief in building architecture that is cost-aware and designed to optimize economies of scale so it can do volume transactions at thin margins.

The talk came one day after a first-day keynote with Senior Vice President Andy Jassy, who discussed the group’s belief in a programmable infrastructure that has more instance types and object storage than any public cloud services provider. For example, Frederic Lardinois wrote about AWS introduction of a “Cluster High Memory” instance type that will offer a massive 240 GB of RAM and two 120 GB SSDs. Jassy also unveiled a “High Storage” instance focused on storage and will come with 117 GB of RAM and 24 hard drives for a total of 48 terabytes of HDD space.

The two keynotes illustrated AWS’s view on…

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