Heroku’s New Add-Ons Marketplace Is A “Program In A Box” For Developers

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Heroku announced a new version of its Add-Ons Marketplace to give developers a “program in a box,” so they can focus on the apps they’re developing instead of spending time on such issues as marketing and billing.

Heroku COO Oren Teich said in an interview that the company has found that developers need more support for helping get their add-ons more attention. For example, developers will often describe their apps in one long paragraph without clearly stating the app’s value.

Now three years old, the Heroku Add-Ons Marketplace has 85 providers participating, offering data stores, email, and SMS add-ons, search capabilities and more.

To help these providers, Heroku is adding a number of new aspects to version 2.0 of the marketplace:

Easier Self-Service: A new interface gives developers a simpler way to manage their add-ons. By packaging the experience, Heroku gives developers some flexibility to test and market the apps.

Templates: A…

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