The (r)evolution of Marketing

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Social media has changed marketing forever. Today people are networking with peers and build up powerful social networks. I believe that the social web is probably the biggest shift of a well-understood discipline in the last 60 years. Previously marketing was unsolicited, un-targeted and generally a one to many communications. In the new era of marketing customers are engaged with peers and companies. Communication and advertising is targeted and personalized. People have the power to tell opinions and companies need to listen and adjust their products and services.

The term “being social” is already well understood by various companies. Companies realized that a social-centric business is an enormous opportunity. In context of this opinion paper it means:

  • Listen to your customers
  • Build & engage with your connections
  • Turn customer insight into marketing action

At the same time it appeared that being social creates chaos for marketing. It result in uncoordinated…

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