Enrich your Customer Profiles – Salesforce.com Integration with an Identity Search Service

How is important to enrich your Customer Profiles with data coming from Social Media? The answer is for sure “very important but too hard and too expensive”! Here a Proof of Concept where how you can do this kind of job in an easly and quickly way. The solution is based on an Integration with an Identity Search Service.

And this is just the first step……

Consider that is only a Proof of Concept and any kind of feedback is really appreciated.



  1. Did you get any further with your Salesforce integration attempt, or was this merely to show “it would be cool” if someone did it for real? Pipl.com reports they have no knowledge of anyone actually integrating their product to Salesforce, and only that you have the concept video hosted here.

    Thanks for any insights. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Anthony, sorry for the delay of my response. My activities around this blog were zero during the last 3 months (I moved to UK to join a Salesforce Platinum Partner company @Makepositive ). I’m planning to start again in the following days.
    What you see in the Youtube video is an alpha version of the integration that i developed. I called it “video concept” because in my mind there is a roadmap around it πŸ™‚
    I just need to find time to work on it πŸ™‚
    So, if you have any kind of request just give me a shout.
    If you need insight or any kind of support you can write me:


    Stay tuned on this blog because it will be more active and interesting very soon.


    1. We’ve decided that the way to go is more logical to simply store the data returned from Pipl to it’s own fields (and likely I’ll use a separate object due to a lack of space on Account right now and probably forever). Then as time progresses, humans will evaluate the data and decide if “Field-X” is worth AUTOMATICALLY updating a specific field on the Account proper.

      We’ll see how that works out once it’s developed.

      1. Hi Anthony,
        i also store the object on different objects when the User wants to import the data. The PIPL section is a custom Visualforce page that shows the results of the service based on the information associated to the Contact/Lead.
        To be honest there is one service that can be comparable and for some aspects better(it depends on your business needs). It is called “FullContact” (http://www.fullcontact.com/). You have the APIs available and also a client integration provided by Cloudspokes community “FullContact for Salesforce”. It is basically a Google Chrome plugin(https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fullcontact-for-salesforc/djboocogglgfjodgpbbkaebfnnmegoap) that inject in the Salesforce Layouts a section with all the informations related to the Contact/Lead.
        For any kind of questions please feel free to ask.

        Have a great day.

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