Telco and APIs – Need for Speed

Schermata 2013-04-05 alle 15.43.07

“Telcos have many hurdles and challenges to maximize their potential in a new world of APIs and applications. They also have advantages where new players face challenges in providing services traditionally provided by Telcos.

If Telcos want a piece of the future communications market, they need to find ways for their services to participate in and contribute to the apps economy. Leveraging their strengths and working with a new breed of application developer to expand their brands and bring new and innovative services to market will be rewarded in revenue and profit.

But Telcos must act fast as agile Web companies gain ground.

The imperative for Telcos:

Innovate around applications and APIs. Delivering applications across devices for customers will drive success. Applications need APIs. Telcos need to create clean APIs that are easily accessible and adoptable by developers, whether their own, or their partners’. Build your applications on the APIs and release them both. Iterate, iterate, iterate.

Enable developers and partners to create applications and experiences. Put processes in place to make it easy for developers to work with you. Collaborate and create new business models that help developers and partners monetize and extend your services revenue through apps.

Recognize that your market is global. Help developers and partners tap into the largest possible global market. Provide customers with most choice and value.

Adopt the agile techniques of Internet companies. Like any business, Telcos embarking on an API initiative need to have clarity around business goals and value proposition of their API for developers and end users. That said, you cannot know everything beforehand.

Above all, Telcos need to get in the API game, measure progress as they go, and iterate fast – there’s a real NEED FOR SPEED.”



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